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This FREE Online Training reveals the ONE THING that is the biggest needle mover for exploding sales and can bring maximum impact without spending a single extra rupee.


9th December 2023 Saturday


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In these hard and confusing times of marketing & sales, with countless coaches, trainers, and gurus offering advice, I want to share with you THE ONE THING promising to empower you to EXPLODE YOUR SALES in the next 90 DAYS.

So, don’t get overwhelmed by the thousands of opinions given by thousands of people online. You just need THE ONE THING to change your sales game.

It is that ONE THING with which Mamaearth skyrocketed their sales. Or Jio Mart boosted their sales. Or Nivea increased theirs. Startups like CaratLane and Zomato also grew their sales because of the same thing!

And, you can now know that ONE THING through my training.




MY GUARANTEE – It’s the only training which will actually get you started and make you Explode Your Sales within 90 days even if you do not take up my upsell.

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I am Sadhana Karwal, the driving force behind Brand Bazooka Advertising Pvt. Ltd., proudly serving as CEO & Co-Founder.

Coming from a finance background; I completed my professional degree in Chartered Accountancy at a relatively young age of 22. Partnered in both life and business with my husband Vineet Karwal, I am a devoted mother to two awesome boys – 10-year-old Adhiraj and 5-year-old Aviraj.

Our passion for creativity led my husband Vineet and me to co-found Brand Bazooka Advertising. From the inception of Brand Bazooka, our mission has been crystal clear: to assist business owners and brands in amplifying their sales and expanding their business.

In the last 15 years, we have created many pieces of work which have won both hearts and awards.

In the last 15 years, I have worked with various MNC businesses like JBL, SANSUI, AMWAY, ACCOR, PANZANI PASTA, KOMMERLING, to name a few. I have worked with various STOCK LISTED businesses like Linc Pens, Apollo Pipes, Kajaria Kerovit and PI Industries. I have also worked with various home grown businesses like SARLA blankets, Indostar, Parix blankets, Cushows, Gyanshree School by Haldirams, Khaitan School and ASHIANA HOMES. Moreover, I have worked with various foreign brands like BTAY Dubai, Wolfman Canada, Vista Africa, Pelabo UAE etc.

If you have ever heard Simon Sinek’s world-renowned TED Talk, “START FROM WHY,” which I both preach and practice, I would love to share with you about my WHY behind this training.

I love what I do. I have seen how the right balance of things transforms businesses and the lives of their owners.

I’ve noticed that many business owners tend to approach revenue generation in isolation, lacking the necessary balance. This approach, I believe, is neither practical nor result-oriented, often falling short of achieving the desired results. That’s why my focus is dedicated to assisting numerous business owners in mastering the art of revenue generation with the right balance. I achieve this by sharing practical learnings from my real-world experiences with as many business owners as I can.

I very strongly believe that when business owners face challenges, if they look closely, they’ll realise it all boils down to one thing—the challenge of making sales. For a business owner, there’s no other option; he has to explode his sales.

If a business owner can solve this, trust me, he will have so much freedom of time and money that can’t even be explained. And hence, I want to transform as many businesses as I can. And for that, I want real time learning to get transferred to as many business owners as possible.

Businesses that I have worked with!


STOCK LISTED like Linc Pens, Apollo Pipes, Kajaria Kerovit, PI Industries to name a few

BO driven – SARLA blankets, Indostar, Vista International, ASHIANA HOMES

FOREIGN BRANDS – BTAY Dubai & UAE, Wolfman Canada


Ready to take your first step to boosting sales?

Yes, I am in!

FAQ – “Got questions? We’ve got answers!”

Yes, absolutely! The sales training program is tailored to benefit business owners from diverse industries. I have a background in working with a diverse array of companies spanning industries like consumer electronics, hospitality, food and beverage, stationery and writing instruments, ceramics and sanitaryware, chemicals and agro products, textiles, law services, real estate, and more. The program aims to impart valuable insights that are universally applicable across different sectors.

The potential increase in sales post-course depends upon how the participants apply their learnings. My past participants have achieved significant sales growth, surpassing their previous benchmarks. So if it helped them, it is sure to help you too.

Here’s your checklist.
A computer. laptop or any such device with internet access
A pen and notepad, to make notes
Eagerness to learn and apply the learnings

That’s all!

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